Laureate 2023

The jury wishes to pay tribute to the solo Translucent, presented by Mecdy Mystic Rootz at Tangente. This excellent dancer combines his mastery of popping with his Afro-descendant roots to offer us a solo that is both personal and audacious.
This contemporary artist, with a spiritual approach, already possesses great maturity as a performer-creator. The jury wishes to highlight his artistic commitment to the street dance community as a choreographer, teacher, mentor, and mediator as well as his commitment as a virtuoso performer with numerous creators (Tentacle Tribe, Helen Simard, Monstapop, Karine Ledoyen, Katya Montaignac, among others). This popping dancer is internationally recognized in street dance events and battles both as a dancer, judge, and educator. Finally, thanks to his vibrant and unifying presence, Mecdy Mystic Rootz is an inspiration for the new generations.

Performer, choreographer, teacher and mentor

Originally from Montreal and Haiti, Mecdy Jean-Pierre, by his artist name “Mystic Rootz”, is a performer, choreographer, judge, and teacher who has been evolving in the dance world since 2005. After receiving numerous recognitions from the legendary elders of street dance worldwide, he becomes an essential link in this community in Montreal where he begins his journey in battles and competitions, later exploring various forms and disciplines, such as contemporary dance, healing through sound, and sacred geometry.

The artist represents Canada in various international street dance battles, where he makes known his approach to movement. His style integrates a high level of voluntary movements that favor the reappropriation of body rhythm through his grounding, his breath, his weight, and his alignment, that is, his body intelligence. Mystic Rootz has also worked with many dance companies, including Cirque du Soleil, Blueprint Dance Company, Gadfly, We All Fall Down, Tentacle Tribe, and Nyata Nyata. He also appears in dance films such as On the Beat, Step Up All In, and Full Out.

Now a Reiki master, this elite dancer is also an extraordinary mentor who creates and establishes expressive dance workshops and events such as Soul Bangin and Rhythm & Dance. He is the founder and artistic director of Wee Verse, a street dance collective promoting body expression, movement reflection, and ancestral connection.

Mystic Rootz is currently pursuing his contemporary studies at Nyata Nyata to better understand the rhythms of his body, maintain his relationship with time and space, and pour his energy and soul into a form of therapeutic dance where he expresses his life philosophy through intelligent concepts.