Laureate 2023

Le jury souhaite 

Composer and performer politic

nora chipaumire was born in 1965 in what was then called Umtali, in Rhodesia (now Mutare, Zimbabwe), a pure product of colonial education for native Black Africans – known as Group B school. She is invested in acquiring and sharing knowledge outside of defined parameters.

Based in New York, she composes and performs “live art”: an art made up of the living and which takes on a living form itself, seeking in the moving body a development of expression that languages seem to limit, and a finer understanding that words cannot make perceptible. She likes to associate aesthetics with politics by evoking, through art, colonial questions, including the history of black bodies. Her latest work is Nehanda, a transdisciplinary river-opera, presented at the FTA in 2023. Before and until the beginning of the global pandemic, chipaumire tours #PUNK 100% POP *NIGGA, a political manifesto and three-part concert. Her other live works include Portrait of myself as my father (2016), Rite Riot (2012), and Miriam (2012). She released a radio opera in 2021 and the live album Offcuts in 2023, participated in dance films, and made her directorial debut with the short film Afro Promo #1 King Lady (2016).

Nhaka, her long-term research project, is both a practice and a process for her artistic work, based on technology, where she studies the nature of black bodies and the products of their imagination. The work nhaka bhuku I was published in 2020 with the kind permission of the Matadero publishing house (Spain).

nora chipaumire is currently a Doris Duke fellow, a research resident at the NYU Future Imagination Collaboratory, a Mellon artist in residence at Columbia University, and teaches as a guest professor at Freie Universität Berlin this fall. Her pieces have earned her numerous awards in the United States, including four Bessie awards in New York.