Laureate 2023

In presenting this award to Pierre Des Marais, co-founder, general and artistic director of Danse Danse, Diagramme’s Board of Directors wishes to salute his exceptional talent, bold vision, entrepreneurial spirit, undeniable leadership, great capacity for risk-taking and unwavering commitment to the artistic and cultural community over many years. Pierre Des Marais embodies audacity, and his enlightened vision has guided Danse Danse towards new horizons, contributing to the flourishing of contemporary dance in Quebec.

Founder, Artistic Director and General Manager of Danse Danse

For 26 years, Pierre Des Marais has contributed to Montreal’s international reputation as a metropolis of movement. Thanks to his unwavering commitment, more than 128 dance companies from 25 countries have captivated audiences of over 550,000.

A native of Montreal, Pierre Des Marais discovered dance in 1970 through Vancouver’s Anna Wyman Dance Theatre. After 11 years as a performer, he became the company’s tour manager, thus launching an exceptional career as a cultural manager. Even before the 2000s, Pierre was involved with the Karen Jamieson Dance Company, La La La Human Steps, the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault, the Canada Dance Festival, and the Compagnie Marie Chouinard. In 1998, he co-founded Les Productions LOMA, which two years later evolved into Danse Danse, a presenter associated with Place des Arts. In 2022, Danse Danse took another step forward by co-producing the JOAT International Street Dance Festival.

A very active mentor, Pierre Des Marais is also active in his community, sitting on several boards of directors.