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Mieke Ulfig



Le jury souhaite  Composer and performer politic nora chipaumire was born in 1965 in what was then called Umtali, in Rhodesia (now Mutare, Zimbabwe), a pure product of colonial education for native Black Africans – known as Group B school. She is invested in acquiring and sharing knowledge outside of defined parameters. Based in New […]

Dophan Hoi


Prix de la Danse de Montréal, catégorie INTERPRÈTE

The jury wishes to pay tribute to the solo Translucent, presented by Mecdy Mystic Rootz at Tangente. This excellent dancer combines his mastery of popping with his Afro-descendant roots to offer us a solo that is both personal and audacious. This contemporary artist, with a spiritual approach, already possesses great maturity as a performer-creator. The […]

Sylvie-Ann Paré


PRIX DU CALQ - Meilleure œuvre chorégraphique de la saison artistique

“With Le sacre de Lila, Ismaël Mouaraki delicately stages male intimacy and vulnerability. With an exceptional cast, he enables a fruitful encounter between Morocco and Quebec, blending cultures and performers. His approach, based on ritual, proves to be coherent and authentic, supported in particular by a scenography that fully unveils its sacred character. The show […]

Julie Artacho

Compagnie Catherine Gaudet,

Prix DIFFUSION INTERNATIONALE de la danse de Montréal

Our selection committee wanted to highlight the efforts of a company that has distinguished itself through its signature and singular approach, its exceptional international launch, its tours in prestigious venues and, last but not least, the strategic efforts of its dedicated and experienced team. The spring and autumn tour of Les jolies choses by the […]

Hani Ferland


Le Prix Étincelle

Winner of the second edition of the Étincelle prize, Nicolas Zemmour is recognized for his impressive range of dance activities and initiatives in the Eastern Townships, notably with the organization of the ImproDanse soirée and the Festival de danse contemporaine de Sherbrooke. His commitment to the production and dissemination of dance, and his contribution to […]

Duke Vu


Prix Envol

The committee wished to recognize Deepa Nallappan’s authentic and singular career as a choreographer, performer and teacher of bharata natyam. The practice of this accomplished artist and teacher is imbued with rich emotion, movement and expression. The jury underlines her ability to build bridges between the traditional and contemporary forms of this classical Indian dance, […]



Le Prix de la Danse de Montréal, catégorie RÉVÉLATION

Curator and integral dancer, Ivanie Aubin-Malo is always keen to create and develop links between the indigenous communities here and elsewhere. She stood out this year as a guest artist at the Phi Center for the Tap Water Jam event as well as in two annual events produced by the Center de Création O Vertigo: […]

David DKC Freeze Dundas


Le Prix Ethel Bruneau

Active since the early 1980s, David Dundas, a.k.a. DKC Freeze, is considered a living library for the Canadian street dance community, where he was able to bring about change and instill a new vision. Dance as we know it today could not have been as diverse and rich without the contribution of this pioneer, who […]

Julie Artacho


Prix de la Danse de Montréal, catégorie GESTIONNAIRE CULTUREL(LE)

In presenting this award to Pierre Des Marais, co-founder, general and artistic director of Danse Danse, Diagramme’s Board of Directors wishes to salute his exceptional talent, bold vision, entrepreneurial spirit, undeniable leadership, great capacity for risk-taking and unwavering commitment to the artistic and cultural community over many years. Pierre Des Marais embodies audacity, and his […]

Magdalena Blaszczuk


Le Prix de la danse de Montréal, catégorie CONTRIBUTION EXCEPTIONNELLE

Karl Regensburger , co-founder of the Impluz Tanz Festival, deserves exceptional recognition for his invaluable contribution to the international artistic scene. His unwavering dedication to contemporary dance has shaped the soul of this great Viennese festival, making it a space where creativity, innovation and artistic expression can flourish. His passion for the art of dance […]

Emilie Dumais


Fait à Québec

Fabien Piché stands out for his haunting interpretation marked by vulnerability, while being of impressive virtuosity, supported by a plurality of humanist qualities that color his performances. His creative approach is backed by a contagious empathy that shines through his stage presence and his quest to open up new lasting and collective dialogues. Sensitive and […]