Laureate 2021

The selection committee of the Prix Ethel-Bruneau wishes to highlight Louise Lapierre’s essential work as a leading figure in the teaching of dance in its many forms. Since 1979, countless dancers have trodden the dance floors of her studios. Alongside this great lady, generations of dancers fell in love with dance, were moved by the practice, and put their hearts and souls in the study of movement. She has offered guidance, kindness, and support, and most importantly, she has shared her passion for dance with both professional and non-professional dancers. Louise Lapierre has inspired the curiosity of new generations of dancers and encouraged the perseverance and success of many members of the professional community. She continues to support them today by offering creative residencies. It is important that our community acknowledges Louis Lapierre’s invaluable contribution to the development of dance in Quebec.


Born in Montreal, Louise Lapierre holds a Bachelor of Physical Education with a major in dance. She has taught at numerous schools, CEGEPs, and universities, as well as dispensing professional training. As a dancer and choreographer, she has performed and taught in various dance companies. She is very involved in the national and international dance community, through active roles in several recognized dance organizations. As a member of the Union des Artistes, she has worked both on stage and on television as a choreographer and producer. In 1973, she founded the École de Danse Louise Lapierre dance school. The school’s educational mission, on the eve of its 50th anniversary, remains at the heart of its artistic activities and projects. Lapierre expresses her constant gratitude to the staff members and dance lovers who have so generously nourished the school’s history. For the past few years, she has been transferring more and more important responsibilities to her team in order to make time for her personal projects, and enjoy being a partner, a mother, and a grandmother. She has received numerous awards for her outstanding and remarkable work. The Réseau des Femmes d’affaires du Québec, Montreal’s Service de la culture, the YMCA, the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitain Montreal and Mont-Royal Avenue Development Corporation are among the institutions that have rewarded Louise Lapierre’s outstanding contribution to her discipline.