Laureate 2021

The members of the jury highlight 100Lux’ outstanding contribution to the development of Montreal’s street dance community. 100Lux is an essential and industry-leading training and support platform for creation and promotion, playing a key catalytic role in Montreal’s cultural landscape. The jury commends the inclusive nature of its intervention and its commitment to the recognition and promotion of street dance. The initiatives carried out since its foundation in 2012 have benefitted Montreal’s entire professional dance community. In awarding this prize to 100Lux, the jury members highlight and celebrate the inclusive vision, the unfailing perseverance, and the outstanding spirit of solidarity of its cofounder Axelle Munezero.


100Lux is a non-profit organization founded in 2012. Its mission is to support the professionalization of dancers and the transmission of the foundations of street dance (its fundamentals and history) by encouraging creativity and innovation. 100Lux strives to establish street dance as a distinct artistic discipline and to promote it throughout the Montreal ecosystem.

The organization was created by artists in the field with the goal of developing a professional environment that meets the specific needs of their peers. The organization was created by artists from the community with the goal of developing a professional environment that meets the specific needs of their peers. Among other things, 100Lux aims to:

  • Increase the visibility and accessibility of street dance;
  • Enable dialogue and community building;
  • Contribute to the emergence of new creators;
  • Support professional touring and dissemination;
  • Increase employment opportunities for professional artists;
  • Passing on the legacy of street dances in Montreal;
  • Offer street dance training through the Intelligent Mvt program

100Lux aspires to contribute to the emergence and development of a community of artists, who make a living from their art, and who share and respect the street dance culture. Now under Axelle Munezero and Christina Paquette’s joint leadership, 100Lux’ vision is shifting towards that of a service organization.